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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Four WSU faculty lead horticultural research at the Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center in Wenatchee. Other WSU tree fruit staff and faculty conduct activities in Pullman, Prosser, and Mt. Vernon.

Selected Features

Apple sunburn model available for testing
Dr. Larry Schrader, TFREC Horticulturist, released for the web an empirical model predicting apple sunburn. The model, under development for ten years, allows users to test online different combinations of factors leading to sunburn of apples (more...)

WA 2: first WSU apple variety
After 15 years, the WSU apple breeding program has released its first apple cultivar. Currently known as ‘WA 2' was released because of its outstanding eating quality, appearance and productivity and therefore it's potential to be a successful cultivar in Washington State.
It is attractive with an orange-red to pinkish-red blush over a yellow background and has large and conspicuous lenticels which usually make it easily distinguishable from other cultivars and add to its overall pleasing appearance. The fruit has outstanding texture, being very firm, crisp and juicy and loses very little firmness in storage and on the shelf (more...)


Stress Induced Disorders
Apples can be damaged either pre-harvest or post-harvest by certain stresses. In some instances, preharvest stress conditions predispose the apple to develop symptoms of a disorder only after picking or storage. Thus, it is important for both growers and packers to be aware of these potential problems. more (pdf)...

Evapotranspiration Calculator
The use of water by plants can be estimated by calculating what is known as potential evapotranspiration (pET). This is the possible loss of water through evaporation and transpiration. Transpiration is the movement of water through a plant from the soil into the roots, up the stem, and out through the leaves. Simple calculations of pET can be based on sun, wind, temperature, and humidity. Go to calculator...

Master Gardeners' Soil & Fertlizer Presentation
"Soils are complex mixtures of minerals, organic compounds, and living organisms that interact continuously in response to natural and imposed biological, chemical, and physical forces." Outline of a Master Gardener Seminar. Go to outline...

Opportunities to study Horticulture at WSU
The WSU Horticulture program was recently ranked number 8 in the nation, with the Plant Sciences program ranked number 2 by a survey in The Chronicle of Higher Education more...

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